Good Hoops Challenge

What is it?

The Good Hoops Challenge is a 20 minute Basketball workout which has been developed to not only improve your game but also your fitness.

It is a fun fast paced activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.


Can you beat it?

How do i get started?

Upon signing up for the Good Hoops Challenge you will: 

- gain access to a community of like minded people from all walks of life where you can compare your scores with similiarily aged competitiors.

- Have  a Bio-Age assessment taken, this is to ensure that you can see the results as they progress.

- Endless Support

- Discount for MCracken excercise classes???! DAD THOUGHTS? just helps to engage people?

What is the Cost?

Good Hoops challenge results and leaderboards are run in seasons,

these seasons align with the school terms (10 weeks). that being said,  the prices are as follows:


- One term = $50

- One year = $150, that is a saving of $50!

Ready to Sign up?