Hi, my name is Bruce Huxtable and until recently I had only participated in sports as either a player or a coach. I have now completed a Personal Training Certificate which allows me the opportunity to expand my knowledge of the sports I played and develop fun exercise activities that may make exercising fun and interesting as people transition into retirement.

Hoping you are having a great day and please consider signing up for either of my available activities.


Currently I have four activities planned these include:-

-McCraken Exercise Classes:- Monday and Friday mornings at the McCraken Country Club for small groups of 10 people.

-Good Hoops Challenge:- A 20 min timed shooting drill, designed to  maintain  intencity while, attempting to complete the drill within the time frame or beating it.

-Bio-Age Assessment:- A scientific approach to assessing your biological age versus your actual age (ie.are you fitter than your actual age or have you some work to do to protect your body as you enjoy your retirement)

-Golf Specific Exercises:- One of my favourite sports, but its a sport that requires specific exercises to improve your handicap!

My ideas are constantly evolving and growing. 


Bio-Age Assessment

Good Hoops Challenge

McCraken Exercise Classes